Why Shoud You Choose Solutions?

Why Shoud You Choose Solutions?

Why Shoud You Choose Solutions?

SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of products in both the individual and group markets. This includes Health, Life, Dental, Medicare, Travel and Supplemental. Our expansive product portfolio includes a wide range of carriers. As an independent general agency, SOLUTIONS represents the best carriers in Florida and nationwide.


You can earn highest commissions offered in the industry with this type of agency, commisison levels vary by type of product and carrier. Some even pay a level commission for the life of the policy. We also offer advanced commissions with many carriers, weekly pay and direct deposit.

Leads Programs

Several Lead Programs are available for you to choose from. The best lead is a referral and those come from your existing client base but if you don''t have a large book of business yet, our lead programs will help you get there.


Hands on, step-by-step sales training that combines traditional methods, psychology and a modern, cutting edge sales technique that’s simple, logical and truly effective!


SOLUTIONS success is also owed to technology. The Internet has changed the way we do many things. It’s power coupled with our technology enables us to adapt to the ever changing post-reform healthcare environment.


With SOLUTIONS you get more than just an agency to call for questions. Support is available when you need it.

Whether you sell 100% over the internet or mix in face to face activities, we provide you with the tools you need. A personalized WEB page, Business E-mail Address, Business Card Design, Customer Newsletters, and more.

We can help you in all of these areas:

Cross Selling

Many of the highest commission products in our industry are supplemental accident and critical illness plans. While these plans are very cost effective for your client, they carry a higher commission rate and therefore offer you excellent earning potential. Agents who sell multiple product lines to their clients can increase their annual income by as much as 50%.

Book of Business Diversification

It’s a proven fact that the most successful agents diversify their book of business by selling multiple product lines. By including health, dental, life and supplemental products in your portfolio you ensure that you have the ability to provide your client with all the coverage’s they need. If you don’t someone else will.

The Sweet Spot

The biggest earning potential today is in Medicare Supplements. While the monthly premiums are lower than other product lines, they pay a steady commission for up to seven years.

An agent selling one Medical Supplement policy a day, without any cross selling or sales of any other line of business will earn nearly $60,000 their first year in the business. Assuming a 20% attrition rate this would give them a residual income of over $150,000 and total income of over $200,000 during year 5.

In addition, there are a host of other reasons that make Medicare Supplements the place to be, including:
• Reduced subsidy funding for Medicare Advantage plans will force many current Medicare Advantage beneficiaries back into traditional Medicare and Supplements.
• 78,000,000 million baby boomers will start becoming eligible for Medicare in 2011. Beginning January 1, 2011 as many as 10,000 people will become eligible for Medicare each day.

Healthcare Reform Opportunites

We all know the massive changes that healthcare reform is bringing to the group and individual health insurance markets. Yes commissions will likely change but there is good news too! Take a look at the facts.
• The individual health insurance market today covers 17,000,000 Americans. Post reforms that number will nearly double to 32,000,000.
• The small group market covers 51,000,000 Americans.
It is anticipated that a large segment of the small group market will erode into the individual market. If only 25% of the current small group population is affected that will place an additional 13,000,000 Americans into the individual market for a total of 45,000,000 potential clients.

With an average annual premium of $3,240 and a conservative commission rate of 5%, there will be $7,290,000,000 in commissions paid by the carriers. Using a conservative number of 40,000 agents selling individual coverage post reform would provide each agent with earning potential of $182,000 annually.