Good college for Environmental studies?

Good college for Environmental studies?

Maddie Asked: Good college for Environmental studies?

My passion for today''s troubled environment is so strong. I volunteer at my zoo every weekend and participate in Envirothon. I have known for a long time that I want a job helping out the environment, I just don''t know where to start!
What college would be a good place to go to?
As a job, I would love to travel to different cities and help them become more eco-friendly. I''d be moving around a lot and that doesn''t bother me at all. I don''t even know what type of job that would be!!!
Also, what other type of activities could I participate in right now to help me out?

Thanks so much for all help! I really appreciate it. I don''t even know where to start to help me get some information. If you could please give as much information as possible. I''ll do my research off of what ya'' give me.



Donald B Answered:
It is wonderful that you have a passion for the environment.However, there would be few if any jobs such as you are suggestingEnvironmental studies only tells you the problems and not how to solve them other than stop using cars, buy hybrids, do not polute the air.You have have the scientific background of how to improve the environment in a manner that will be accepted by the average person.Traveling to different cities to make them more eco friendly is a pie in the sky idealistic notion that will result in nothing more than people making half hearted efforts to improve.Choose a scientific major such as how to make machines that do not polute or scientific methods on how to improve water quality.

Big D Answered:
I agree with donald, i have just graduated with a 1st in geography and environmental sciences but i also took modules in genetics, ecology and conservation biology in order to advance my professional skills further. look for a course that supplies subjects you are interested in but also GIS (geographical information systems) as this is a major technology that employers all over the world are looking for graduates to have. it is a very broad topic area but allows you to create maps (thermal imaging, CO2, trees in urban areas, marsh surrounding lakes etc) that will help you and the agency you work for.

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