Wellness Programs – Form a Wellness Committee .

Wellness Programs – Form a Wellness Committee .

Establishing an active Wellness Committee provides opportunities for both senior management and staff member involvement in the health promotion program. The Committee must be a team of workers and managers who formally meet to plan activities to promote healthier staff member lifestyles.

Typical Functions of a Health Promotion Committee -

o Assessing needs and interests

o Brainstorming wellness program ideas

o Developing activities

o Developing communication plans

o Advertising health promotion programs to coworkers

o Serving as champions of the Wellness Programs

o Assisting with investigation

Your Wellness Committee ought to be representative of all levels of the corporation. Consider all areas of the workforce �.” multiple sites, shift workers, diversity (race, gender, ethnicity), and departments.

It’s also important to consider who’ll chair or co-chair the Health Promotion Committee and whether or not there are the finances to support a wellness manager or occupational health expert, even on a part-time or contractual basis. Click here for additional information on the benefits of a health expert.

Depending on your organization size and resources, when you already have a organization Safety Committee you could want to consider making it the Safety and Health Promotion Committee. You can request volunteers or invite workers to participate.

The number of Wellness Committee members depends on the size of your company; notwithstanding, you need enough members to get the work done and yet not too many to keep it manageable, ordinarily a minimum of 4 members and maximum of 12 to 15 members.

It’s vital that you include skeptics of wellness as well and not just those personnel already practicing healthy lifestyles.

Depending on your workplace, consider representatives from the following areas -

o Staff Member representatives from a cross section of different departments,

o Executive management ,

o Health and safety specialist(s),

o Human resources (HR) professional(s),

o Benefits staff or someone from finance,

o Your staff member assistance program (EAP) provider (if applicable), Click here for more information on EAPs

o Medical or occupational health staff (if applicable).

Establish an effective Health Promotion Committee! the Health Promotion Committee should meet regularly with a planned agenda and action items. Successful Health Promotion Committees have a shared mission, vision and objectives.

Members need to believe that their participation is worthwhile and appreciated, that their work is important, benefits the business and colleagues, and they are recognized for their contributions. Refer to the NC Worksite Programs section for examples of what other corporations have implemented.